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How to I configure my email client?

The exact process you will need to follow to set up your email client will greatly depend on the client itself. For reasons of practicality, we cannot provide a step by step guide for each mail client and instead will simply provide the settings you need or can use.

Using the settings and following along with the documentation provided by the creators of the email client you've chosen, you will be able to set up your email account relatively simply.

Email settings

Setting Value
Incoming mail server:
Incoming mail protocol:
IMAP / POP3 (IMAP is recommended)
Incoming mail port (IMAP):
143 (993 for SSL)
Incoming mail port (POP3):
110 (995 for SSL)
Incoming server authentication: Your full email address and password
Outgoing mail server:
Outgoing mail port: 587
Outgoing server authentication: Enabled, same credentials as incoming mail server


If you decide to enable SSL encryption on your incoming or outgoing mail server, be aware that you may see a certificate warning appear. This occurs because the mail server runs an SSL certificate specifically for the hostname and this will cause a mismatch error if you have your incoming or outgoing mail server set to use

You can either accept the SSL warning will appear and click through it (there is no reduction in encryption by doing so) or you can change your incoming and/or outgoing server to so that it matches the SSL certificate.

The latter is the recommended course of action.

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