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How can I login and administer my new CKAN installation?

When you first launch your CKAN instance there will be a default user, however a password needs to be set and correct "sysadmin" permissions applied.

First, login to the server via SSH and then run the following commands as root:

# Activate the CKAN virtualenv
. /usr/lib/ckan/default/bin/activate

# Change the password on the default 'ckan' user
paster --plugin=ckan user setpass ckan -c /etc/ckan/default/production.ini

# Give the default 'ckan' user sysadmin permissions
paster --plugin=ckan sysadmin add ckan -c /etc/ckan/default/production.ini
Once you have completed these steps, you will be able to access your CKAN instance and login using the ckan username and the password you specified.

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